MT Kenya Avocado Farms is a member of Selina Wamucii, a fresh produce company that specializes in marketing, value addition and distribution of healthy produce sourced from smallholder farmers. 

The main products offered by MT Kenya Avocado Farms include fresh hass avocados for export, fresh fuerte avocados for export and cold pressed avocado oil for export.

We source our Kenya avocados from hundreds of smallholder farmers who are dedicated to hand-growing and selectively hand-picking all our avocados that are grown naturally under Equatorial sun.

Our Avocados:
At Mt. Kenya Avocado Farms, we believe in the power of real fruit to inspire people to live better, to nurture healthy communities and to celebrate nature’s goodness across the world.

All our smallholders are trained on quality, traceability and conformity of avocado farming.


Our Avocados brand has many unique advantages:

  • Year round availability of premium grade avocado fruit.
  • Direct supply from the packer ensures our customers are guaranteed to receive the freshest Kenyan Hass & Fuerte avocados available.
  • Labeling according to the customers preference.
  • Packing and packaging materials to customer requirements
    HACCP based Quality Assurance Accreditation.
  • Offering customized programs of supply via air or sea freight

Why we’re your #1 marketing choice for avocados and selected tropical fruit:

  • Experienced, friendly and reliable customer service.
  • Award Winning direct exporter of Kenyan avocados.
  • Reputation for outstanding quality control.
  • Clean packing facilities

We are socially conscious:
We only run our business in ways that we feel best benefit the health of people, communities and our planet.

We are healthy:
We believe in the vitality of a healthy avocado fruit. So we only give the world avocados that help people live their best lives