A Summary of Uses to Consider When Importing Essential Oils from Kenya

The most familiar essential oils in the market such as extra-virgin avocado oil and olive oil have become clear favorites with users around the world. However, there are other spicy and fruity oils that are available in Kenya from natural sources to try a hand on. These contain major bioactive extra-nutrients that rejuvenate the skin, offer antiseptic abilities, improve digestion and boost your immunity. Here is a look at the uses of some of these oils processed locally.

If you are seeking cardamom oil, then you have gained lease into good digestion. As such, you can use it to cure gastrointestinal infections. The oil also supports respiration, maintains oral health, overcomes bowel infections and even treats genital infections like gonorrhea.

If you go for Kenya jasmine oil, then you will step into blooming skin as it doubles as a moisturizing and complexion agent. As one of the rarest  oils to lay hands on, jasmine is known for its therapeutic smell, because of the fact that the content comes directly from the blossoms of the plant.  It also helps to maintain a cheerful mood,  reduces muscle stress and keeps menopause manageable.

If your choice is cinnamon, then the bark extract will improve metabolism or the chemical processes that  support life in the body. In spite of the allergies associated with its use on some people, the oil from this spice is loaded with therapeutic effects. Sniffing it for example improves blood circulation. It also enhances cardiac function, lends you a shiny skin and cleanses the body.

For Kenya lavender lovers, then you will be glad to know that this is a universal oil that has multiple purposes. These include the therapy of good mood due to, among others, the good smell of the oil that comes from the spiky blossoms of certain varieties of lavender. It also rejuvenates wasted skin and in this department it has few rivals.  Indeed, its name comes from the Italian word lavare which indicates the act of ‘washing.’ Its other appeals include pain relief, scalp restoration and curing nervousness.

Kenya Cypress oil enthusiasts may learn that it is one of the select products for releasing muscle and tendon tension. Its internal use attributes include detoxifying the system off free radicals. It also has monoterpenes: these bioactive components improve types of skin that are oily.  Not only does it give you plenty of energy but it helps to stop chronic menstruation.

Tea tree oil from Kenya is another essential product you can bet on for healthy outcomes.  It grows under arid conditions in places like Laikipia on the leeward side of Mount Kenya and brings returns in form of financial support for farmers and healthy benefits to buyers. Its leaf and bark extracts serve as balms for skin nourishment.

Myrrh, when not serving as a spice, has been in use since the ancient times as an incense due to its strong flavor. Like most other major oils, it also improves skin health, restores your emotional balance and cleanses the system. Its other properties include fighting fungal infections, boosting the immunity and enhancing circulation, besides preventing swelling in tissues.

Many people know more about orange juice, concentrates and puree but not about orange oil. In fact, it is one of the few oils that derive from the juice of the fruit rather than directly from its flesh.  Its making involves cold pressing of the oil from the lighter juice during centrifugal production. As a major export  from Kenya, the oil is good for general immunity due to the high content of ascorbic acid or Vitamin C. It also cleanses the body,  eradicates oxidation (free radicals) and restores your emotional balance. It also cures constipation, gives relief to tense muscles and reduces nervousness.

Kenya tangerine is another essential oil with the primary role of boosting your immunity.  The aromatic oil from the fruit of the same name serves as a wound cleanser due to its anti-microbial properties. It also reduces spasms in nervous persons, calms the mood and cures stomachache. In fact, it is at best a sedative for many conditions.

Finally, oregano oil is a major antiseptic or cleanser. It boosts digestion in the gastrointestinal system and improves respiration. It also fights diseases.

So, if you seek Kenya essential oils, outside the market favorites like avocado oil and olive oil, then you have a range of alternatives. While some like myrrh and jasmine are rare and expensive, others like tea tree oil and orange oil are easily accessible at fair prices. It is also remarkable that some trees like cypress now exist in many parts of Kenya in homesteads.