A Review Of 5 of the Best Essential Oils With Healing Power-Available in Kenya

Since the ancient times, people have looked for natural sources of healing. The best options have proven to be organic herbs and plant oils. In Egypt, at around 3500 B.C., the distillation of herbs to make essential oils was already an occupation. It was not until 1910 that the father of aromatherapy, Rene Maurice Gattefosse, produced perhaps the very first unmixed essential oil from lavender. It healed his burnt hand and since then, essential oils have never been the same again. Here is a look at some five best healing plant extracts, you can import from Kenya.

1. Eucalyptus

The eucalyptus tree is not native to Kenya but is now one of the most grown trees in the highlands. Its use to treat bacterial, fungal and viral infections is unquestioned. A demonstration showed that an extract without any additive can kill a micro-organism in just fifteen minutes. This is why you need to avail it from processors who extract it from the forestlands in Central, the Rift Valley and Western provinces.

2. Frankincense

Popular for its smell and healing power, frankincense is a great preventative remedy for inflammation/swelling on the skin. It has boswellic acid components that, according to research, may even improve your immunity against other diseases. But the main use of Kenya frankincense essential oil is to maintain oral care, treat respiration disorders and enhance mood. There are even revelations that the famous plant from the New Testament has the ability to kill cancer cells.

3. Common Lemon 

Many people would rather taste the sweet juicy fluid of an orange than go for the bitter citrus essential oil of the lemon. But citrus lemon, which is available in all parts of Kenya, is one of the most powerful healing natural extracts you will ever find. On top of that, it brightens lack-luster skin, and keeps the bugs away. It heals swelling and kills bacteria in food, thus proving to be a hygienic remedy, as well.

4. Lavender

If you are in search of a healthy dose of a good mood and a healing sensation, then lavender oil from Kenya is a straight choice. It grows in places like Thika, in Central Kenya. Its effectiveness against diabetes because of its antioxidants, or toxin-killing ingredients have earned it recognition, worldwide. Additionally, lavender essential oil overcomes stress, especially anxiety that may lead to heart attack.

5. Peppermint

Call it spearmint, apple mint or the main peppermint name, but one thing is true: Mentha piperita ranks as one of the best natural bacterial treatments around. There is even evidence that its use renders antibiotics ineffective, showing that it has the ability to resist hospital medicine. It is a healing remedy from anything from burns, cold sores and bacterial infections. Try it today from Kenya and you will forgo antibiotics in favor of peppermint oil.

There are many other essential oils, like avocado, rosemary, tea tree and oregano that deserve mention here. They all have special ingredients that are untampered with that make them the best healing agents to try. You can get them from Kenya as they grow throughout the year. Eucalyptus, for instance, is abundant.