A List Of 10 Flowers to Import from Kenya This Winter

Details from the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics show that flower exports from Kenya are growing from strength to strength. Between January to May 2017, the  total exports rose to 71.9 metric tons. The first two quarters of the year 2016 had produced 60.074 metric tons. The year-end sales to Europe alone earned the country $495 million according to EU statistics. What better time, as the autumn has already waned into winter in your country to buy fresh supplies this festive time of the year! Here is a selection of the best flowers to shop for through winter.

The following statistics come from Holland import markets.

Cut Roses and Spray Roses

The rose accounts for 30 percent of total flower re-exports. Holland imports most of the roses from developing countries like Kenya. It then reexports them to other countries in the EU, making the country the number one exporter of cut flowers in the world. They are available in Kenya at lower prices than other cut blooms because of their wide availability.


Tulips account for between 1500 and 2000 million stems that you can find at Dutch auctions every year. Because most usually come from Kenya and Ethiopia, it makes great sense to import them from here. They are available at lower prices than other flowers because of widespread availability.


Spray chrysanthemums account for between 1000 and 1500 million stems in Holland markets every year. You can import them directly from Kenya while at their freshest.


Lilium accounted for 6.1 percent of total auction sales of cut flowers in the world’s number one market, the Netherlands in 2014. This yellow flower is available in Kenya in places like Naivasha, Nairobi and Nakuru.


Because of its rareness, Gerbera from Kenya makes it among the top flowers to import for resale value. The blooms cost high and despite this they still make the fourth position among the most reexported flower in the Dutch auctions. In 2014, they accounted for 5.7 percent of all flower resales.

Dis-budded Chrysanthemum

Dis-budded chrysanthemums are different from the typical chrysanthemums because they only have one focal flower per stem. The rest of the side blooms no longer offer nutrition competition. This leads to a larger, more beautiful flower. It accounts as the fifth most reexported flower in Holland.

Cymbidium Orchids

A high value flower from Kenya due to its minimal production, this is one of the flowers most in demand in the EU market. Dutch markets for the flower account for as low as 10 million stems of the flower per year, but price easily compensates for the low quantity.


Available in Kenya in green blooms with average lengths of 55 cm, dianthus is one of the top grade flowers to avail now. It comes from various varieties and these fetch different prices. It accounts for about 1 percent of total resales in the Dutch market.


The export potential for hydrangea is high. In the Holland market, it accounts for 1.7 percent of total sales (2014 statistics). It is available around Kenya by various horticultural farms.

Lilies, Hyacinthus and Carnations

Lilies, carnations and hyacinthus are popular exports popular for their colorful displays. They are available in the Rift Valley in various farms at market prices.

So, if you are eager to turn your home into a fresh garden of blooms, the above ten flowers are the best to import right now. They also offer good value for resale especially high value types like cymbidium and gypsophila. Whether you need them for personal use or for your local market, you can avail them any time from Selina Flowers. Talk to us today!