6 Red Roses That Make Kenya the Garden of the World in Variety and Splendor

Kenya has a combined total of over 60 varieties of flowers of which roses are notable.  This might almost be the secret to the love of the rose across the world were it not for the quality which comes as the number one reason for its global recognition.  The red roses varieties represent the bulk of the market favorites especially in Europe where they end up in supermarkets.

Red Roses Varieties in Kenya to Sample

In the European supermarkets, the red rose specifically from Kenya is always an emblem in the florist’s section.  The cost per stem in UK’s big retail outlets like Lidi or Tesco is around 60 cents for each stem.  Indeed, when the price fluctuates to as little as 20 cents for every stem, it is the East African varieties that gain better show than their Latin and South American counterparts.

Some of the main seasonal varieties of red roses from Kenya to find in the overseas include:

1. Red ribbon: a very showy, bright red rose, Red Ribbon comes with expansive blossoms. The bright scarlet worms through the entire bloom from the stalk to the flower head with no hint of discoloration. To add onto the effect, most florists display it with its shiny green petals.

2. Freedom: this is the ultimate red rose from Kenya, with its fiery red, strong, solid stem and large blossom at the top. It has featured as a seasonal Valentine’s Day selection and earned the acronym, ‘red of lovers.’ It is available from the Naivasha area of the Rift Valley.

3. Furiosa: with its distinctive stalk of 40 to 70 centimeters that suits market specification, Furiosa has a bud size of over 6 centimeters making it among the largest. It thrives well in the Nakuru and Naivasha regions of Kenya by various growers. It features in bouquets of around 20 stems in most local trading spots.

4. Red Torch: a Kenya red rose variety, Red Torch belies its name as it can reach 80 centimeters in stalk length with a magnificent 6 centimeter floral crown.  Its ‘torch’ appeal includes the ability to open brilliantly to show off the crystal red interior of the bud. It has a competitive shelf life and available in Kenya most of the year.

5.Madam Red: with a 40 to 60 -centimeter long stem, Madam Red owes its magnificence from its lush color. It has a bud size of 4.5 by 3.5 centimeters in area. It has a shelf life that is enviable for a  rose of 14 to 16 days. It is packed in wrappings of 20 stems per bouquet.

6. El Toro: A dark handsome red rose that also has equally captivating leathery petals in dark green. It comes with an average 50-centimeter flower length. Its export routine is 20 stems per wrapper.

There you have it: as Kenya red roses continue to create appeal across the traditional markets like Europe and the US, they are also cutting across new export bases like Australia and Russia.  The spray roses create this global appeal because of not just variety but the quality of growing naturally at 1500 metes above sea level.  The cold spells at night and misty morning times in the Rift Valley’s habitat make the blooms develop expansive buds and sturdy, long stems.