ABPA: pre-listing agreement will establish a new level in the partnership between Brazil and Chile

News summary: The signing of a cooperation agreement between Brazil and Chile on the qualification of meat exporting establishments through the “pre-listing” system will harmonize animal protein qualifications between the two South American trading powers.

Brasilia-The Brazilian Association of Animal Protein (ABPA) applauded the cooperation agreement signed yesterday (18 May) between Brazil and Chile, with the establishment of a “pre-listing” system for the qualification of establishments in the animal protein sector. The agreement was signed at the Chilean Embassy in Brasília (DF).

The agreement built by the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAPA), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MRE) and the Brazilian Embassy in Santiago, together with the Chilean authorities, includes poultry and pork, as well as sheep and beef.

The new model makes it simpler and faster to qualify refrigerated plants for the Chilean market, as the authorization is now made by the Brazilian authorities, which attest to compliance with Chilean rules by the establishment. Under this model, carrying out health missions to establishments becomes unnecessary. 

“The agreement is a recognition of the work carried out by the health authorities in Brazil and by the productive sector, which is one of our most important destinations for animal protein exports. It was brilliant work carried out by the Ministries of Agriculture and Foreign Affairs, together with the Brazilian Embassy, consolidating Brazil’s position as a partner for Chile’s food security”, highlights the president of ABPA, Ricardo Santin.

Chile is the 18th main importer of Brazilian chicken meat, with 21.6 thousand tons imported in the first four months of this year, generating revenues of US$ 40.8 million. In the case of pork, Chile is the 4th main destination, with 27,300 tons imported in the first four months of this year, generating revenue of US$ 63.7 million.

Source: Noticiasagricolas.com.br