Turkey: Yields in modern greenhouses established by the metropolis delights producers

Turkey: Yields in modern greenhouses established by the metropolis delights producers

Within the scope of the “Greenhouse Development Project” initiated by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality to enable Turkish farmers from here to produce products with high market value and increase their income by producing in modern greenhouses, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality provided 50 percent grant support for the installation of modern greenhouses and greenhouse nylon to farmers. The modern greenhouses and greenhouse nylons prepared and installed for the spring period were delivered to the producers. Within the scope of the Greenhouse Development Project, the Metropolitan Municipality provides 50 percent worth of grant turnkey, which includes modern greenhouse installation and greenhouse nylon support to farmers.

The project aims to popularize greenhouse cultivation across the province. In this direction, 50 modern greenhouses prepared for the spring period and 438 balls of greenhouse nylon for 281 farmers were received by the producers. With this, 120 modern greenhouses and 2438 balls of greenhouse nylon were provided to 1581 farmers. The yield and quality of the crops grown in modern greenhouses established in line with the “Greenhouse Development Project”, which is one of the agricultural supports that Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality’s Mayor, Tahir Büyükakın attaches importance to, makes the producers smile.

The establishment of a modern greenhouse consisting of a total area of 512 square meters within 2 blocks-32 meters long, 16 meters wide, and spanning a total area of 512 square meters-and the support of greenhouse nylon with 4 different features will boost the quality and efficiency of the vegetables grown in an area of approximately 1000 decares (240 acres). All this was established and delivered from scratch by the Metropolitan Municipality, a development that made the producers happy.

After the grown produce reaches the desired maturity, there will be a harvest intensity in the greenhouses. Producers can grow many vegetables, especially tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, green beans, eggplants, zucchini, lettuce and parsley, for 12 months of the year.

Resistant to bad Weather  

 With this project, farmers have a modern de-mounted, galvanized profile, high tunnel greenhouse system with two-sided ventilation and maintenance features, which offers easy control of diseases and pests. It is the opposite of greenhouses made of bent iron with their unsuitable ventilation. The greenhouses contribute to production by increasing mechanical resistance against challenging weather conditions such as snow, hailstorms and rain.

High Yield Produce

The nylon of the modern greenhouses to be provided as support has a 36-month lifespan. It is also UV + IR (LD) + EVA-reinforced and reduces the risk of frost. Greenhouse nylon, which keeps diseases and pests to a minimum, reduces the number of sprayings and ensures the growth of healthier produce with high market value.

Necla Sarı Akyazı, President of İzmit Dağköy Agricultural Development Cooperative says: “We built our greenhouse within the scope of the 50 percent grant project of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality. As soon as we received it, we immediately planted lettuce.

“There are 3,000 curly plants right now. We have started harvesting. Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality’s support for agriculture and farmers is very important. We also benefited from this support. Thanks to the Metropolitan Municipality, we built our greenhouse very easily. We will harvest curly lettuce for two seasons and then we will plant tomatoes. In modern greenhouses, you can harvest crops continuously. It has become very difficult to grow crops outside. Climate change has also affected us. It is very difficult to grow crops in drought, hail, excessive rains and wind, but everything is more controlled in the greenhouse. We do not use pesticides and chemical fertilizers here. Greenhouse production is really valuable and it  also really helps improve the farmer’s abilities. Greenhouse nylon and other components are very strong and healthy. We thank our mayor for his support.”

Young producer Talha Yasin Özcan said, “I am from Kandır, I am 24 years old. I am a landscape technician and I am also studying landscape architecture. We have been farmers since our forefathers. We grow ornamental plants. We also grow enough organic vegetables for ourselves. When we first planted curly lettuce we got very good results and thus we are happy with the productivity. The modern greenhouse has both front and side ventilation. It is made of very durable material. I don’t think we will have a problem with collapse in the snow. I am very pleased that I participated in the 50 percent grant modern greenhouse project of the metropolitan municipality. The metropolitan gives great support to our farmers in this regard. The municipality gives the support it can to develop farmers. I would like to thank Tahir Büyükakın for his support. I invite him to our greenhouse. I hope we will harvest together with our President.”

Source: tarimpusulasi.com