Chanthaburi governor rallies farmers to make deals with the private sector: Export Thai fruits by air to China

News summary: Chanthaburi Provincial Governor urges Thai farmers to conjoin with the private sector and export Thai fruit by air to China.

The Governor of Chanthaburi, Thailand, has urged the Thai agricultural sector to join hands with the private sector and the airlines of China to export fruits by air. This will increase the existing product distribution channels to China and will be taking only a short time, therefore reducing damage and creating income for all, including farmers.

Yesterday (19 April 2018), at the Durian Chan Market, Khao Wua Subdistrict, Tha Mai District, Mr. Mon Sitphaisan Thanawat, Chanthaburi’s Provincial Governor brought together relevant government and provincial agencies including those in commerce and agriculture to discuss the issue.  He met with the representatives of  KAF Import and Export Company Limited that deals in the purchase and sale of agricultural products, alongside the airline representatives of China Airlines. The latter has agreed to transport fruit produce of Thai farmers to China and increase the distribution channels of farmers in the East and Thailand.

Mr. Kritsanaphon Rueangratipas, President of KAF Import and Export Company Limited, negotiated with representatives of the airline company, China Airlines, who agreed to transport goods to the destination markets, such as Hangzhou and Shanghai.  This is hoped to increase the potential of current transportation by boats and cars, resulting in more exports of Thai fruit products.  

Initially, Thai fruits will be purchased by Import and Export Co., Ltd. as the designated representative for collecting the produce, before the company takes them onto the loading bays of China Airlines.  It is expected that fresh fruits of Thai farmers such as durian, mangosteen, rambutan, longkong, rose apple, longan, jackfruit and bananas will travel by air quickly, and thus reduce the loss occasioned by longer transit time. Chinese consumers have now the opportunity to eat quality fruits that are fully ripe.

Because conveyance by plane is fast, the produce will only be taking one day to reach the export market unlike in the cases of road and water transportation that take more time. This will have a positive effect on perishable fruits that last only a few days after harvesting. Besides, this is an ever-expanding export destination, which as a result, will help local fruit farmers earn more income. Initially, it is expected that 100 tons of fruit will reach the destination market in China but the tonnage will gradually expand.