Strzelecki: The beef sector in Poland should be included in the roundtable agreement

Strzelecki: The beef sector in Poland should be included in the roundtable agreement

According to Jacek Strzelecki of the Polish Meat Association, there are good prospects for the Polish beef sector, but now is the time for the industry to take care of its interests. “The beef market is in a trend of increasing demand, and this is true for both premium and cheaper meat. The very good news is that inflation has not affected the situation in this market, which allows for its further development. It should be emphasized that the progress in the market is primarily the result of the cattle breeders themselves as well as the processors, so the successes are the result of adjustments within the mechanisms of the free market.”

“Unfortunately, due to the lack of a systemic strategy for the development of the Polish beef sector, there is a danger that in a situation of fluctuations in the trend or downturn, the industry will quickly feel the effects of this due to low price resistance.” This is according to Jacek Strzelecki. As he points out, the classification of beef used does not take into account quality characteristics. As a result, the abattoir cannot get the right price for the meat, and farmers cannot get the right price for their livestock.

 The Polish Meat Association, together with other organizations, has taken steps to change this state of affairs, especially since good signals are coming from the market, such as that customers are becoming increasingly able to pay for better quality.The round table missed the topic of beef. “It was a mistake not to include the interests of the meat industry, including beef, in the roundtable agreement. We are not opposed to helping Ukraine, but the interests of the meat industry should be as safeguarded as those of the grain industry.

The good news is that interest in Polish beef from third countries has increased. For example, this week there was a study mission from Indonesia to Poland, and more such events are planned, but he doesn’t want to talk about them yet, because the details are not yet agreed upon. In any case, it looks like we are in for a breakthrough,” informs Jacek Strzelecki.