Portuguese Chamomile: Kombucha drinking flowers

Portuguese Chamomile: Kombucha drinking flowers

In summary: Aquela Kombucha flower drink will be an ideal blend of Portugal’s chamomile and elderflower samples.

Already launched (in pre-sale format), the first limited edition of 2023 of Aquela Kombucha, which goes into circulation on April 15, Saturday, when the brand opens a bar at Rua Duque de Saldanha 345, in Porto, will be offered as a cocktail with clear ice and edible flowers to anyone wearing a flowered garment.

That Floral Kombucha is the result of an “innovative fermentation method” that is based on an infusion of chamomile and elderflower flowers, as opposed to the usual green tea and black tea. “This spring elixir was then flavored with rose petals and hibiscus before being bottled,” the brand explains in a statement.

“Floral is a meadow in liquid form and a kombucha that is unique in the world by virtue of its disruptive production method, which gives the drink a deep concentration of flower flavor and aroma, and also lightness and sweetness, paying homage to the very season from which it draws inspiration.”

Maria Lima, founder of the kombucha brand, explains the benefits of the recipe, the result of many experimental fermentations based on infusions of wild, aromatic plants and flowers. “Flowers can have interesting nutritional properties, such as vitamins, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. Chamomile is famous for its calming effect and elderflower has been used for centuries for its anti-inflammatory and depurative properties. Hibiscus flower, which in nature lasts only one day, is known for its diuretic and blood pressure-reducing effect, and finally rose petals for their antioxidant properties and skin benefits.”

The drink is available in pre-release in the online store of Aquela Kombucha with a promotional price of €28 for the 12-pack and €7 for the three-pack (250ml).

To celebrate spring and the launch of the new product, the Aquela Kombucha bar will open its doors on April 15th with the Florals for Spring Groundbreaking. The celebration will include the participation of Florida Studio in the creation of an edible food art installation and the design of the window display for the Spring 2023 competition of the Porto City Hall.

Source: Publico.pt