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We provide high-quality Tanzania tobacco to the local and export markets. We source our raw fresh Tanzania coffee from family growers in the country.

Tanzania tobacco (Nicotiana tobaccum) describes the leaves of a nightshade family crop that have undergone drying followed by fermentation to make nicotine-rich cigarettes.  Tanzania produces more of this crop than any other country in Africa apart from Malawi. It is the second major agricultural export after coffee. The dependence on the plant has seen an annual addition of 61,000 hectares of land to provide space for growing and drying the crop. There are about 60,000 tons of produced tobacco, most of which from 146,000 small-scale farmers.

Tobacco came to Tanzania in 1930. Its first point of cultivation was in Songea. It was introduced here by settlers from Malawi.

We source Tanzania tobacco from the region of Tabora. A large proportion of the 3.2 million countrymen who depend on the crop in one way or another reside here. On our part, we draw contracts with farmers with less than 2 acres. This makes it possible to manage the land with organic fertilizers while shunning chemical sprays.

We harvest Tanzania tobacco when it has attained the mature size of about 0.6 meters tall. By then each plant will have between 20 and 30 leaves and will have a strikingly green color. We cut the entire plant at the base for drying whole. Later it becomes easy to remove the leaves by stripping them from the dry twigs.

We then take the Tanzania tobacco harvest to the ‘stripping’ area. This is where the removal of leaves that will make the nicotine-rich product takes place. After their extraction, we keep the leaves in a drying shed for curing. We then discard the stalks and other debris.

We process Tanzania tobacco a short while after curing. We remove the midriffs of the dry, yellowed leaves to expose only the foliage.  This leaves a wide surface area on the leaves to enable the maximum production of the nicotine rinds.

But first, we re-dry the midriff-free leaves so that they will have balanced moisture that will enable proper grinding: very crisp dry leaves will lead to heavy-set cigars with no aroma while too wet ones will only bring damp, lackluster cigars. This is why we keep the leaves reasonably dry. Re-drying takes place at 100 degrees Celsius and brings the moisture level to less than 10 percent. We again re-moisten the leaves to a saturation of 12 percent at the end of the procedure.

Just before grinding can start, we ferment the leaves. The reason is to reactivate the aromatic enzymes that drying and wetting may have forestalled. This gives the tobacco the fine aroma it always emits in cigarette or pinch-leaf form.

We then grind the Tanzania tobacco leaves using grinding machines. This results into thick flakes rather than thin shreds.  We repeat the process if the pieces are longer than 25 millimeters which is the ideal length. Our workers then fold the flakes in glove-clad hands into cone-like shapes. This results in strands that are no longer than 2 millimeters. These will then go to the collecting point for packing on their way to making cigars.

We pack Tanzania tobacco in packs of about ten tins containing the shredded leaves in each small carton. Each carton has a net weight of 180 to 200 kilograms. We also have bales of unground, unprocessed leaves with their midriffs intact. These come in net weights of between 22 and 100 kilograms per bale. We feature labeling details on each container including the packing date, the net weight/ number of packets and the source.

We store Tanzania tobacco at the base travel temperature of 4 to 15 degrees Celsius. We keep the cargo under cool, dry conditions to reduce contamination. The produce reaches your destination via our special hydro-cooled trucks. The dispatch from the airport in Dar-es-Salaam makes it to your destination in the next one to two days.

If you would, therefore, like to avail rich, aromatic and sharp-flavored ‘smoke,’ then Tanzania tobacco would be a natural choice. The resource comes from Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified venues from the country. We deliberate with our family constantly to meet your specific quantity. We also keep the prices low and accessible to every importer. Make an order today!

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