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Common NameDagga
VarietiesSativa, Indica
StorageCool dark rooms, 100% dry
PackingVacuum packed, based on the needed quantity, ranging from 100 grams
Transport Conditions89-90% relative humidity, dry conditions, 10-19 degrees celsius.
SeasonThroughout the year
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Medical Sativa is a plant-based medicine extracted from Cannabis marijuana or cannabis Sativa. With the increased use of marijuana for medicinal purposes in the global market, South Africa medical cannabis farming is now considered a lucrative business in the Southern Africa country following legalization in 2018 for personal use only.

The South Africa cannabis market is expected to rise to 23$ billion by 2023, with this growth shown by the number of marijuana conventions on the rise.

Hemp, Native to Central Asia, and India are among the earliest crops to be cultivated, with records of ‘Bhanga’ dating back to 1000 CE. Indian travelers are said to have introduced Cannabis on the East coast of Africa who then spread it to the South following the Bantu migration routes.

Sativa and Indica are the main varieties grown, and both types flourish in the South African climate.

Sativa strains include;

  • Durban Poison; It is the gold trophy of Sativa plants, growing over 2m tall with a sweet earthy smell. The Durban poison takes 7-9 weeks to flower, It’s heavy resin buds make it perfect for producing extracts, it has THC levels exceeding 20%, making it the best option for recreational purposes and 0.2% CBD.
  • Malawi Gold, It takes longer to flower compared to the Durban and Swazi. However, it is effortless to plant. Malawi has 17% THC and 0.7% CBD.
  • Swazi gold- It has similar buds to the Durban poison; however, it is shorter compared to the Durban poison. The Swazi gold is mainly consumed locally.

Common Indica strains include;

  • Cheese/Kaas; It is a variety grown indoors and very popular in the Western Cape. It has 7-9 weeks flowering time and is perfect for headaches, pain management, and restoring appetites.
  • Skunk; The skunk has an earthy pungent aroma with a sweet flavor, like the cheese; it has a 7-9 week flowering time.

Medical marijuana has several health purposes ranging from pain relief, sleep problems, anxiety, appetite, emotions, and mood regulation. Cannabis oil is another byproduct that has been gaining popularity from the natural hair community to the aromatherapy industry. 

South Africa’s climate favors the growth of Cannabis, with most of it being grown in the Limpopo, KwaZulu Natal, Mpumalanga, Transkei, and Western Cape provinces. Depending on the variety, the plant takes 7-12 weeks to flower. Usually, it is harvested when the plant turns milky, or 70% of the fan leaves turn maroonish-red.

South Africa medical marijuana is available throughout the year, depending on the planting date. Upon harvesting, they are cured either naturally or artificially. Natural curing takes up to 3 weeks, while the artificial curing takes 72 hours. 

After drying, they are graded and packed either vacuum packed in iron conservation bags or VacuMax bags. They are frozen and can have a shelf life of up to 2 years.

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