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We provide high-quality Rwanda tobacco to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh Rwanda tobacco from family growers in the country.

Although behind tea and coffee as the country’s chief commercial crops, Rwanda tobacco (Nicotiana tobaccum) is a significant source of income for family growers. In 2012, the country’s output of the nicotine-rich product had hit 5000 tons. This had risen to 5192 metric tons in 2014. 0.24 percent of cultivated land in the nation is under it. Many farmers in former banana and bean planting areas such as Rwamagana have in recent times switched to tobacco farming.  It is a lucrative crop as each leaf goes for 30 Rwandese Francs.

We source Rwanda tobacco from mainly Eastern Province. Our family growers own between 1 and 2 acres that they devote to the leafy crop. We ensure that our farmers follow responsible agriculture and reduce the application of farming sprays to keep the taste and aroma pure.

We harvest Rwanda tobacco leaves at maturity, usually when the plant is 60 centimeters in height.  At this time each plant will have attained a 20-to 30-leaf formation. The foliage will also be at its greenest. We cut the full plant at the base so that we can dry it whole. We later extract the leaves from the twigs after drying them.

Before drying, we deliver Rwanda tobacco leaves on their twigs to the ‘stripping’ yard. Here, we remove the leaves and keep them in a drying yard where they can cure. We throw away stalks, unwanted foliage and other foreign material.

We re-dry Rwanda tobacco immediately after curing is over. We extract the midriffs from the now dried, yellowed leaves for uncontaminated nicotine yield. This means that without their midsections, the leaves will present a large area of exposure for making smoking strands.

The re-drying of Rwanda tobacco leaves either in the sun or by air-blowing is necessary for optimal moisture balance during grinding. The right moisture levels prevent the formation of heavy set cigarettes which come from excessive drying. Balanced moisture also overcomes damp, odorless cigars which come from too much wetness. Balanced re-drying at 100 degrees Celsius helps to drain the moisture to below 10 percent. Just before grinding, we re-moisten the leaves to bring up the hydration to 12 percent levels.

We anticipate the grinding of Rwanda tobacco leaves by fermenting them. This helps to recover the enzymes that give the produce aroma. Wetting and drying processes will have affected them by this time. After fermenting in deep tanks, the leaves emerge with the same strong smell they have either as cigars or pinch powder.

We grind Rwanda tobacco leaves using grinding equipment. The process results into thick flakes. We redo the process to minimize the flake length to below 25 mm. Manual folding of the flakes follows through our sanitized and gloved workers. They make cones or strands out of the flakes. These are only as long as 2 mm. They are the tobacco shreds that make cigars. We get ready to pack them at this point.

We pack Rwanda tobacco inside tin packages.  We put about ten tins containing the shredded leaves in every carton that weighs a maximum of 200 kilograms. Alternatively, we have unprocessed leaves that come with their midriffs intact. They are available in the forms of bales at the measures of 22 to 100 kilos per package. We provide the right packing labels inclusive of the name of the produce, the country of origin, the packing date and the expiry date.

We store Rwanda tobacco at a temperature of 4 to 15 degrees Celsius. We retain the cargo under cool, dry conditions to prevent the light effect. We transport the cargo to your destination on the same day of packing via our hydro-cooled trucks. The cargo reaches your destination from the airport in Kigali a day or two from dispatch.

In short, if you are after a product that 16.5 percent of Rwandese men use daily, at its most aromatic, then our Rwanda tobacco fits that description. We obtain our shipments from family growers who cultivate it under Global Good Agricultural Practices. The produce reaches you in the right quantity from the fact that we always go for surplus from our family sources. Our prices are not only fair but competitive. Make an order today!

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