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Common Namematekoane
VarietiesIndica, Sativa
seasonFebruary- May
PackingPacked in PET bottles, dark glass bottles, vaccuum packed in 5kg bags for unprocessed leaves
Storageaway from direct sunlight, cooled temperatures 5-9 degrees celsius
Transport Condition89-90%relative humidity, 4 degrees celsius
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Lesotho, The small southern African kingdom is known as the pioneer of medical Cannabis in Africa being the first country in Africa that authorised cannabis farming for medicinal purposes. With the Marijuana rules loosening globally, ‘matekoane’ farming is now considered a lucrative business in Lesotho, with it drawing a vast number of foreign investors.

Although used for recreational purposes, the use of marijuana is traced back in the 1600s where it was traded to the local San people by travelling Bantus in exchange for land, and since then, weed has been a staple cash crop in the country.

Farming of commercial marijuana requires much attention to ensure that the quality meets the export standards. Because of such restrictions, Lesotho medical cannabis is mostly farmed by foreign companies.

The sky kingdom favours the farming of cannabis as a result of the conducive climate. Marijuana is farmed in all parts of the country, including the capital. However, the main plantations are in the mountainous regions in the central and eastern of Lesotho.

The country grows both the Indica and Sativa varieties, however, the Durban poison, a Sativa strain is the most common. The Durban poison flourishes both indoors and outdoors. It can grow up to 12 ft long when grown outdoors. It takes an average of 8weeks to 12 weeks for it to flower.

They require at least 10 hours of light and the same of darkness, 20 degrees celsius to 28 degrees celsius.

For farmers depending on rain-fed marijuana, planting takes place in September- November and Harvesting begins from February to May. The male buds are harvested first as they mature faster, followed by the female buds. Irrigated marijuana is available throughout the year, depending on the planting date.

When harvested, the THC, a compound that makes marijuana suitable for recreational use, is completely removed and only the CBD is left. The CBD levels are usually around 0.3-0.7 depending on the variety. The flowers are dried artificially for 72 hours, and this allows it to retain its natural colour.

The marijuana is hardly consumed into its natural state but instead, processed further to oil or other medicinal substances.

Even though South Africa is Lesotho’s biggest market, recently the country started exporting CBD oil to Australia and Canada fairly noticeable quantities. With the ongoing government interventions, Lesotho’s market share in the marijuana industry is bound to increase.

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