Buy Ethiopia Asparagus Directly From Exporters & Suppliers - Best of 2020 Market Prices

We provide high quality Ethiopia apparatus to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopia asparagus from family growers from Ethiopia.

Ethiopia asparagus (Asparagus officianalis) is a spring vegetable or herb that grows natively in the northern parts of Africa, Europe and the western parts of Asia (near east). It is common for people to consume the plant in raw form due to its nutritious composition of mainly vitamins and iron. It manganese component, which serves 8 percent of the daily value, supposedly helps to enhance insulin secretion for combating diabetes. It is common around the world as a restaurant dish, and often features in stew and soup.

Asparagus has its origin probably in the Mediterranean countries or north Africa. In Egypt, 5000 years ago, the herb featured in hieroglyphics or cave paintings as an offering to the gods. It became popular in Greece and Rome where it served as a cold season vegetable after being dried during the summer. Its use has been more than culinary: it has medicinal and perfuming qualities.

We source Ethiopia asparagus from East Shewa in Oromia zone. The plant goes under the local name Siriti. The farmers intercrop it among other shrubs and herbs like tamarind for its medicinal properties. It has begun to be an attractive export, especially to Europe where the European crop (white variety) lasts for only a small part of the year.

The total nutritional package of a single serving of Ethiopia asparagus is 12 percent of Thiamine and Riboflavin, each. Iron, for transporting the blood oxygen, stands at 16 percent of the daily value. The content of vitamin K, however, is the highest, at 40 percent of the daily requirements. The vegetable offers around 2.2 grams of protein per serving while carbohydrates are as high as 3.88 grams.

We stock Ethiopia asparagus in produce boxes of around 12 ounces to 16 ounces. We keep the herbs in bunches of between 24 to 30 in every box. Each bunch weighs around 4.5 kilograms (10 pounds). We pack the produce in loose format in half bushel crates or produce boxes, depending on your specifications.

Each package of the herb features with its base end facing down for better support. We seal each carton with top and layered ice. For every 4kg (4 pounds) of the packed produce, we place around 2 kilograms (2.2 pounds) of ice. This ensures that the herb will reach your destination as nearly as fresh as it were on the farm.

We transport the crop under pre-cooled conditions, in special delivery trucks. We reduce bruising by sealing each package properly to reduce friction between the bunches. You can expect fast transit between the farm to the storage shed and then the airport to ensure one to two-day arrival at your destination.

Therefore, this is the best time to avail Ethiopia asparagus from the heart of the horn of Africa country. Our quality parameters are unmatched as we carefully clean each stem before packing to maintain hygiene. Besides, the crop comes from family growers who have Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certificates, to ensure that the fresh produce contains low chemical residue. We offer the most competitive prices in the region that reflect the market conditions. Because we understand that the crop generates a lot of demand in the European Union due to its single season supply there, we maintain frequent sourcing from the irrigated parts of Ethiopia at seemly prices and high quantity. Make an order today!