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Calories, Carbs, and Proteins in Carrots

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size
1 cup chopped

Amount Per Serving


% Daily Values*

Total Fat
0.24 g

Saturated Fat
0.032 g

Trans Fat

Polyunsaturated Fat
102 g

Monounsaturated Fat
12 g

Nutrition Summary

Calories: 41
Fat: 0.24 g
Carbs: 9.58 g
Protein: 0.93 g
There are 41 calories in 1 cup chopped of Carrots.
Calorie breakdown: 5% fat, 93% carbs, 9% protein.

Calories, carbohydrates, and proteins in carrots

Carrots contains 41 calories in each a 100-gram serving. The same 100 grams of serving contains 0.93 grams of proteins and 9 grams of carbohydrates. The carbohydrates constitute 4.74 grams of sugar and 2.8 g of dietary fiber while the rest is complex carbohydrates. The net carbs in carrots is 6.78 grams in every 100 grams serving.

Vitamins and Minerals in Carrots

Vitamins in carrots

Carrots has 835 mcg of vitamin A, Retinol Activity Equivalents (RAE), as well as 5.9 mg of vitamin C in 100 grams. A serving of 100 grams of carrots contains 0.066 mg of thiamin (B1), 0.058 mg riboflavin (B2), 0.983 mg niacin (B3), 0.138 mg of vitamin B6 and 19 mcg of folate (B9). The amount of food folate in 100 grams portion of carrots amounts to 19 mcg while folate DFE is 19 mcg. In a serving of 100 grams of carrots, there is 8.8 mg of choline, 8285 mcg of carotene beta, 3477 mcg of carotene alpha, 1 mcg of lycopene, and 13.2 mcg of vitamin K.

Minerals in carrots

There are 33 milligrams of calcium, 0.3 mg of iron, 320 g of potassium, and 12 micrograms of magnesium in 100 g of carrots. The same serving of carrots (100 grams) contains 35 mg of phosphorus, 69 mg of sodium, 0.24 mg of zinc, 0.1 mcg of selenium, and 0.045 milligrams of copper. There are 88.29 grams of water in a 100 g serving of carrots.

Cholesterol and fats in carrots

Carrots has 0 mg of cholesterol, 0.24 g of fat, and 0.032 grams of saturated fat. It contains 2 mg of Omega 3s and 100 mg of Omega 6s. A quantity of 100 grams of carrots has 12 mg of monounsaturated fatty acids and a total of 102 mg of polyunsaturated fatty acids.
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